Vol 16, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents


Introduction PDF
Melanie James 1-3


Is Asia passing us by? The challenge to Australian public relations PDF
Marianne D. Sison 4-7
MH370 All lives lost: the ‘Black Swan’ Disaster Confirmed with a 26 Word Txt PDF
Gwyneth V.J. Howell 8-21
Political Public Relations in Indonesia: A History of Propaganda and Democracy PDF
Rendro Dhani, Terence Lee, Kate Fitch 22-36
MNCs and CSR Engagement in Asia: A Dialectical Model PDF
Angela Ka Ying Mak 37-60
‘Pid Thong Lang Phra’ - The Impact of Culture upon Thai CSR Concepts and Practice: A Study of Relationships between NGOs and Corporations PDF
Parichart Sthapitanonda, Tom Watson 61-72
Are You Pouring on the Pounds? Agenda Building for Sugary Drink Limits in New York City PDF
Patricia Swann 73-89
Positioning PR: an Analysis of the Representation of Public Relations in Australian Political Speeches PDF
Deborah Wise 90-106

Deakin University

ISSN - 1839-8227