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Hayward, Benjamin, Deakin University, Australia

  • Vol 18, No 2 - Book Reviews
    The Danubia Files: award writing lessons from the Vis Moot / Edited by Louise Barrington, Napoleão Casado Filho and Claudio Finkelstein
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  • Vol 16, No 2 - Book Reviews
    'Commercial Arbitration in Australia' by Doug Jones
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  • Vol 15, No 2 - Case Note
    'Eisenwerk' Reconsidered (Twice) - A Case Note on 'Cargill International SA v Peabody Australia Mining Ltd', and 'Wagners Nouvelle Caledonie SARL v Vale Inco Nouvelle Caledonie SAS'
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  • Vol 19, No 2 - Book Reviews
    The Complete (but Unofficial) Guide to the Willem C Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot - 2nd edition by Jorg Risse (ed) with Markus Altenkirch, Ragnar Harbst, Annette Keilmann and Lisa Reiser
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