The $845,000 Porsche 918 Hybrid Spyder: Redefining the Supercar

Ismail Abdulhak, Trent Andrew Smith


As a result of the role of the automobile in contributing to carbon emissions and in symbolizing the overconsumption of scarce no n-renewable fuel reso urces coupled with the increased media focus on climat e change governments all over the world are intervening in the automobile market with regulation. Rising world oil prices and consumer preferences for enviro nmentally friendly goods has driven automobile manufacture rs to research, develop an d market alternative drive systems. Such advancements are now commo n in the family car market with hybrid electric as well as fully electric cars now ava ilable. However, Porsche are blazing a new trail with their introduction of the new 918 hybrid Sp yder. They plan to trigger acceptance for low emission hybrid drive systems in a market that has had few viable or perhaps even acceptable alternatives to the gasoline combustion engi ne – the supercar segment.

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