Is Soccer Played Fairly?

Neil Edmund Roy, Roberto Ayala, Azizur Khan


Club soccer today is bigger than it has ever been. The passion people have for their respective clubs can almost certainly be paralleled to that of their national teams. As a sport soccer goes above and beyond the theatrics witnessed on the field. The mechanics involved behind the scenes more often than not determine a club’s success, or lack of it. It is an international sport that elicits passion and pride among supporters culminating into a multimillion dollar business. And like any other firm in a market a club aims to maximise profits at the lowest possible costs. An unavoidable result of the manner in which the soccer market operates is the rather evident disparity that exists amongst soccer clubs today. We have grown accustomed to viewing soccer in an environment tainted with disparity. Over the years, we have been desensitised to how bigger clubs such as Real Madrid and Manchester United seem to only grow bigger. While smaller clubs such as, Xerez and Portsmouth, have to contend with comparatively trivial issues pertaining to merely surviving.

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