I Me Mine

I Me Mine: Artistic Self/Artistic Persona

Glenn D'Cruz

Duration: 1min 58sec
Format: HD, BW, sound

Glenn D'Cruz is an academic, theatre maker and video artist. He teaches drama at Deakin University, Australia. He is the author of Midnight's Orphans: Anglo-Indians in Post/Colonial Literature (Peter Lang, 2006) and the editor Class Act: Melbourne Workers Theatre 1987-2007 (Vulgar Press, 2007). He has published widely in national and international journals in the areas of literary studies, performance studies and cultural studies. His recent creative work has been exhibited at the Gertrude Street Gallery, Melbourne, the Walker Street Gallery, Dandenong, and his work, The Alterations of AJ D'cruz: Becoming a 'New Australian' will be presented at the Performing Mobilities symposium as part of the Performance Studies International (Psi) #21 Fluid States series of global events.


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