Shifting the Power: Delivering the Localisation Agenda


  • Stacey Sawchuk
  • Michelle Higelin


ActionAid has been leading the large international consortium project Shifting the Power (StP) under the START Network providing documented evidence and learnings around localisation. StP works in five disaster prone countries (Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kenya, Ethiopia and DRC) to strengthen the capacity of national and local organisations to prepare for and respond to disasters as well as document a transformational model to localisation covering different humanitarian contexts including fragile state, rapid and slow onset disasters. 

This paper outlines some of the key learning from these initiatives and provides guidance for how localisation can be approached and contextualised in the Pacific region. It will also share the emerging Pacific centred Shifting the Power Coalition, which seeks to support localisation by specifically strengthening the role of diverse women’s organisations in humanitarian response in partnership with key regional organisations. The Coalition is contributing to the localisation of humanitarian assistance, by strengthening local capability to prepare for and respond to emergencies by working with an established network of local partners who are seeking greater engagement in humanitarian action. It is catalysing localised gender responsive humanitarian action by strengthening Pacific women’s capacity to engage in disaster preparedness, response and recovery. This includes building on indigenous knowledge, and existing good practices and capacities in the region with the goal to gradually reduce dependence on international actors for humanitarian assistance and protection.




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Shifting the Power: Delivering the Localisation Agenda. (2018). Asia Pacific Humanitarian Leadership Conference Proceedings, 46-49.