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The Review aims to publish relevant, thought-provoking and quality legal scholarship on a broad range of issues. We also consider that accessibility to the legal and wider community is important, so to this end our issues are published on the Review website and in on-line databases such as EBSCO, Austlii and Hein Online.

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New Special Issue out now: featuring articles on diversity and gender quotas in the constitution of corporate boards.


This issue of the Deakin Law Review contains articles from the proceedings of the forum — ‘Mandatory Gender Quota Legislation: Will Australia follow Europe?’ — held in Melbourne on 20 October 2014, organised by Professor Jean du Plessis and sponsored by the Deakin Law School, the Humboldt Foundation and the German Ministry of Education and Research.

In this, the 20th year of the Deakin Law Review, an eminent group of authors, from a broad range of jurisdictions (Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia and South Africa) discuss the issue of the law concerning female participation on corporate boards. 

The articles raise issues of corporate governance, corporate board diversity, the validity and practicality of gender quotas, addressing them in the context of corporate governance law, economic performance, constitutional theory, feminist jurisprudence, equity, and setting them against broader socio-political debates.

Posted: 2015-09-24
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Vol 22, No 1

Table of Contents


Glen Anderson
Russell Solomon
Kayleen Manwaring
Akshaya Kamalnath
Jasmine Qiuyue Wang
Christina Tao