Women in the Queensland Legal Workplace: a Snapshot

Terry Hutchinson, Heather Skousgaard


In addition to collating details of the demographic and working habits of over 2500 QLS members, the Queensland Law Society’s Equalising Opportunities in the Law Committee 2003 Membership Survey Report focused on the nature and prevalence of discrimination and harassment in the Queensland legal workplace. Primary areas of concern to the
respondents included discrimination or harassment on the basis of gender, age, family responsibilities, pregnancy and marital status. The results of this survey firmly demonstrate that promoting diversity in the Queensland legal
workplace should be made a priority. Efforts to amend the Law Council of Australia Model Conduct Rules are ongoing. Providing this is done, will it be sufficient? What else needs to be changed to improve the situation and improve opportunities for diversity in the legal profession?

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.21153/dlr2008vol13no1art152


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