International Economic Law by Andreas Lowenfeld (New York: Oxford University Press, 2003) 824 Pages (Softcover). Price US$45.00. ISBN: 0 199264112

Elliot Friedman


Andreas Lowenfeld, Herbert and Rose Rubin Professor of International Economic Law at New York University School of Law, notes in the acknowledgement page to International Economic Law that the editors of Oxford University Press approached him to write a ‘treatise on International Economic Law’.1 This statement is slightly misleading. Although Lowenfeld addresses a great number of areas coming under the general umbrella of international economic law, his work is not an exhaustive treatment of the entire subject. As he notes in the introduction, ‘the book is designed not primarily as a work of reference but rather as an integrated whole.’2 Indeed, it is doubtful whether any one author possesses the necessary expertise to deal comprehensively with the entire corpus of international economic law, regulating as it does areas as broad-ranging as, for example, goods, intellectual property, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, antidumping and investment.3

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