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Deakin Law Review Publication Policy


1: Copyright in the author’s contribution, to be published in the Deakin Law Review, remains with the author.  The author grants the Deakin Law Review a licence to publish the contribution in print, electronic and online formats and to grant third parties the right to publish the contribution in accordance with any terms and conditions that the Deakin Law Review may set out.

2: The author warrants that the work contained in the contribution entitled:

and any abstract of such contribution is original work, written and created by the author, that it has not been published elsewhere and that it does not infringe any copyright.  Where the author wishes to publish the article again after publication in the Deakin Law Review the author agrees to obtain permission from the Editor of the Deakin Law Review prior to any such publication. 


3: The author warrants that any material referred to in the contribution which is not the author’s original work has been properly attributed to the true author(s) of that material.


4: The author warrants that the contribution does not infringe any rights held by third parties and that the contribution is not defamatory.


5: The author agrees that any decision on publication by the editors is final.  The author should not treat any correspondence with the Editors as an undertaking to publish the contribution.  The Editors reserve the right to make minor editorial and style changes to the contribution without consulting the author.  Prior approval of the author will be sought for all major changes to the contribution.


6: The author warrants that he or she will indemnify the Deakin Law Review for any loss or damage flowing from a breach by the author of any of the warranties or agreements made or entered into by the author and contained in this publication policy.


7. All references in this document to the author are to be taken as equally applicable to the joint authors of a contribution.


I agree to the terms and conditions of this policy:







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