Muchas Personas

Muchas Personas

Steven McIntyre

Duration: 3m 28s
Format: HD, colour, sound

Steven McIntyre is an Australian film-maker and academic. His work as director has been published by music labels Mochilla, Ninja Tune, and Stones Throw, and exhibited at international film forums such as Edinburgh Film Festival, Thessalonika International, Exploding Cinema London, the TIE International Experimental Cinema Exposition, and the San Francisco Cinematheque. While resident in Mexico, he contributed regularly to regional and national media art shows, and in 2010 a retrospective of his film, documentary, and music video work was presented at the Bienal de Video y Cine Contemporaneo, Baja California. His most recent feature, a documentary on the life and career of Dirk de Bruyn, premiered at the 2014 Melbourne International Film Festival.


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