Muchas Personas

Steven McIntyre


In a recent interview I was asked to locate my core persona, to define ‘the real Steven McIntyre’. This piece is an audiovisual, psycho-acoustic response to that question. Rather than something necessarily fixed or immanent, my sense of self is contingent, fragmentary, plural, and cut across by all the diverse relationships and experiences, the awareness of constructed memory, and the feelings of separation and loss engendered by my adult life as a migrant. Much of the source footage for this piece was shot in Mexico where I lived for almost a decade, and looking at these images now, they are as much resonant of the cartel-related social disintegration affecting so many people there — los enfrentamientos violentos, masacres y desapariciones que han afectado muchas personas — as they are of my own elusive, haptic remembrances.


persona; migration; memory; creative practice

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Muchas Personas



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