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Call For Papers: Persona Studies 2022 Vol. 8 Issue 1

Special Issue: Life Writing & Persona

ABSTRACTS: 15 November 2021

FULL PAPERS: 15 February 2022

Persona Studies is seeking papers and creative projects that investigate the ways in which personas are produced, managed, used, and disseminated in the contexts of life writing. We take “life writing” here in the very broadest of senses to include written texts (published and unpublished; written, print and online) but also other forms and genres of representation/self-(re)presentation including film, art, theatre, publicity, social media and more.

In this issue we are interested in life writing as a site of persona production, persona performance, and persona dissemination. Whether vlogs and Facebook posts or celebrity memoirs, profiles or biopics, life writing texts are doing persona work – often quite intentionally and strategically in the cases of public figures and public texts. Indeed, life writing seems both an obvious and natural home for studying persona and there are productive sites of overlap in how these fields theorize performativity, authenticity, strategy, agency, and reputation.

But the study of life writing as a site of persona work also has the opportunity to stretch both fields in new directions: private life writing texts, for example, offer a challenge to the supposition in Persona Studies that personas are mechanisms for being public. Persona Studies in turn complicates distinctions between public and private mechanisms of self-(re)presentation that have historically structured Life Writing Studies. Theoretically, both fields have much to offer each other: how might theoretical work on the slash in auto/biography, truth-telling, and auto/biographical pacts be brought to bear on persona performances? How might life writing benefit from thinking about playability, mediatization, and role-playing?

This special issue on life writing and persona welcomes abstracts and papers related to these and many other issues including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Social media and other forms of presentational media as sites of persona work and life writing
  • Persona and biographical representational media forms: films, profiles, biographies, etc.
  • Self-presentation in representational media forms
  • Persona in public and private life writing texts
  • Referentiality and truth-telling in persona work
  • Issues of agency, performativity, and reputation in life writing
  • Strategic productions of persona in life writing
  • Personas in the publicity and marketing of life writing texts


Abstracts and Expressions of Interest (300-500 words) should be submitted by 15 November 2021 to katja [dot] lee [at] uwa [dot] edu [dot] au with the subject heading “Life Writing and Persona.” Full papers may also be submitted at this time.

Notification of acceptance will follow by 1 December 2021. Please note that final acceptance of the full paper and/or project is contingent upon the peer review process.

Full papers (6,000-8,000 words) and creative projects will be due 15 February 2022.