Call For Papers Issue 2


The CFP for Issue 2 is now open. We welcome papers speaking to mostly-open theme and which might also be able to articulate a thematic or atmospheric link to cinder’s brief and acronym (found here, and on our about page)

Please send papers to  

c i n d e r | creative interventions & new directions in expressive research


1. a flameless but live coal; an ember

2. a means by which fire disseminates and renews itself


'...the words “another voice” recall not only the complex multiplicity of people, they “call,” they “ask for” another voice: “another voice, again, yet another voice.” It is a desire, an order, a prayer or a promise, as you wish...'

Jacques Derrida, Cinders, p. 9-10



'The whole problem of Method becomes the following: How to extract our true thoughts from the rule of chance?  That is: How make a true thought into an adequate idea, linked to other adequate ideas? We set out from a true idea.'

Gilles Deleuze, Expressionism in Philosophy: Spinoza, p. 134


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