Call for Papers | c i n d e r issue 3 | Peripheral Visions

This issue of c i n d e r  seeks to provide a forum for post-grads and ECRs who attended (or engaged with, without attending) the 2018 AAWP conference at Curtin University, Perth.

c i n d e r  seeks papers up to 4,000 words (including end matter) to grapple with the notion of peripheral vision / perspectives / voices, processes viewed from a periphery or non-centre, methodologies that unsettle direct dominant approaches or logics, voices from the margins. Submissions can engage with c i n d e r’s brief also. If unsure, please email the editors directly with a brief pitch, which will be warmly read.

Themes animating the conference were:


Experiment and conjecture

Discipline and freedom

Obstruction and instruction

Performance and performativity

Ambiguity and ambivalence

Indigenous and non-Indigenous perspectives

Collaboration and Violation

Minority and majority

Insight and out-of-sight

Vista and subway

Prevision and revision

Absences and avowal

Genre and gender

Refereeing and censorship

Practice and process.


Please submit all papers to Hayley Elliott-Ryan and Antonia pont at:


Posted: 2019-05-19