Call For Papers Issue 4: Writing Through...


Call for Papers | c i n d e r issue 4 | Writing / Making / Inventing / Living Through...



This issue of c i n d e r seeks papers from two broad directions:


  • Papers that may have been prepared and then developed following the 2019 AAWP conference at UTS, with the theme ‘Writing through …’  and which have morphed or developed in light of 2020 and are still seeking a home;
  • Papers that engage with states of exception, with stamina, with inventing ways to create under pressure, with generosity in scarcity, with ways of saying living in strange times, with imaginaries of expansive futures, with notions of communities of writing, thinking, making.

(Or themes proposed to the editors).

c i n d e r  seeks papers up to 4,000 words (including end matter but not references) Submissions can engage with c i n d e r’s wider brief also. If unsure, please email the editors directly with a brief pitch, which will be warmly read. Please note that the journal provides a rare space for Creative Writing scholarship with engaging practice alongside theoretical work; pure lit-crit papers are not within our focus.

Please submit all papers to Hayley Elliott-Ryan and Antonia Pont at:

Please note, we do not use the OJS submissions option on this site. All submissions should be emailed.