Cinder Call for papers 2021


c i n d e r  journal is seeking papers from postgraduates in creative writing and Early Career Researchers who are still within two years since PhD submission. c i n d e r  is a sibling publication to TEXT and accepts shorter papers up to 4000 words (not including references, but including endnotes) in creative writing scholarship. Papers sought are exegetical and theoretical about creative writing practice, theory perspectives and some literary criticism/close reading when cast through or coupled with a creative practice lens. Works should be articulated clearly for others in the field to extend practice, research paradigms and methodological innovation and nuance. c i n d e r  commissions creative feature texts for each of its issues, but does not accept submissions of purely creative work (Meniscus is a great AAWP publication for these!)


c i n d e r  is beginning a fresh process of refereeing in the next month or so, so articles are welcome – developed from papers from the conferences in 2020 and 2021, for example – on relevant themes and current issues in the discipline.

We use a direct emailing method to (cc’ed to and queries about suitable papers are welcome.

We aim to publish the next issue in late 2021.  c i n d e r  aims to provide collegial support to academics who are new to publication, and we support our writers to work steadily. We work with slower scholarship to encourage solid work of a sustainable kind, and are – of course – Open Access.