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  • Kim Barbour Deakin University, Australia
  • Katja Lee Simon Fraser University, Canada
  • P. David Marshall Deakin University, Australia



The launch of a journal is no small task, and this monumental effort was the work of many.

We are very grateful for the support and assistance of the journal’s editorial board and international advisory board; the members of the Persona cluster of the Persona Celebrity Publics (PCP) Research Group; the national and international colleagues involved in the peer-review process, and the participants of the Persona Studies Working Papers Syposium and Exhibition hosted at Deakin University in February 2015.

It would also be amiss of us if we did not flag the particular contributions of Pat Scott and Josipa Crnic from the Deakin University Library, who worked closely with the editors to set up the online systems. Their expertise in OJS, and their unflagging support and enthusiasm has been of tremendous value. We are grateful for the intellectual and financial support offered by PCP and thank the leadership team—Sean Redmond, Toija Cinque, Glenn D’Cruz, and Kristen Demitrious—for advocating on the project’s behalf. Glenn D’Cruz has been the linchpin to the creative portion of this issue: his efforts in curating the exhibition and co-ordinating the reproduction of that work here are very much appreciated.

The business and busyness of hosting the Symposium, setting up and managing this open-access journal, and editing this issue, has been, for us, deeply satisfying. Thank you, all, for your help in making it so. We look forward to working with you again on the next issue.


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