2020 Special Edition: Micro-credentials and qualifications for future work and learning

The guest editors welcome submissions focussing on topics including but not limited to the following:

  • Emerging short form learning experiences, collectively referred to as micro-credentials, and their contribution to employability and engaged citizenship.¬†
  • The value of formal qualifications and the experience of sustained deep learning¬†
  • Transnational experiences available through digital learning opportunities
  • The relationship of qualifications and micro credentials to evolving ways of learning
  • The relationship of qualifications and micro credentials to evolving ways of working
  • Qualifications, micro-credentials and learning for multiple purposes across the lifespan
  • Qualifications, micro-credentials and emerging recruitment practices
  • Innovations and evidence-based outcomes of micro-credentials, including widening access to educational opportunity and global citizenship¬†
  • The challenges of ethics, academic integrity and social media traceability in micro-credentials and qualifications
  • Micro-credentials, qualifications, work-integrated learning and career-embedded learning
  • The opportunities to re-imagine assessment and feedback in micro-credentials and qualifications.

Submissions are particularly encouraged from researchers and practitioners in educational and industry partnerships.

The guest editors welcome authors to informally discuss potential submissions before the submission deadline.

Closing date for submissions:1 February 2020. Earlier submissions will be reviewed as they are submitted.

Planned publication date of this special edition:1 July 2020