2023/24 Special Issue: The graduate employability practitioner: What works to develop career, teaching capability and organisational capacity?


We welcome contributions from academics, including sessional academics, professional staff and industry partners. Submissions may explore the following topics:

  • The experience of the graduate employability practitioner, including sessional and professional staff, academics new to graduate employability and professional practitioners new to academia.
  • How institutions build teaching capability for and/or recognise graduate employability practice, including formal programs and/or processes.
  • Experiences and/or challenges of building a teaching and learning career in graduate employability.
  • How peer-supported teaching practices such as communities of practice, peer reflection and peer observation and review support the development of graduate employability practice and professional identity.
  • Other topics relevant to the theme.

We are keen to showcase a range of voices and experiences and invite:

  • Scholarly papers (up to 8,000 words), which may include:
    • Research-based evaluations of innovations, practices and programs
    • Investigations of the literature in the field, including reviews, and conceptual or theoretical approaches
    • Scholarly case study of innovation or practice
  • Practitioner reflections (up to 2,000 words), which may include:
    • Engagement with the ideas, practice and concerns of practitioners
    • Creative responses including visual artefacts
    • Constructive criticism of conceptual, philosophical, theoretical or professional issues
  • Provocations (up to 1,000 words), which may include:
    • Commentary that provokes new thinking
    • Ideas for new ways to engage with the issue
    • Fresh perspectives from students and industry

All submissions should align with JTLGE guidelines. Please refer to https://ojs.deakin.edu.au/index.php/jtlge/about/submissions


Proposal Feedback

If you would like to receive feedback on your proposed submission, please submit a 500-word (max) abstract by Monday, 6 November 2023, 5pm AEDT, to lauren.hansen@deakin.edu.au

Important dates

  • Abstracts (optional): 6 November 2023
  • Feedback on abstract: mid-December 2023
  • Full manuscript submission: 19 February 2024. Please email full manuscript submissions to Dr Lauren Hansen: lauren.hansen@deakin.edu.au
  • Notification of outcome: 26 April 2024
  • Publication date: September 2024


For more information, please email lauren.hansen@deakin.edu.au



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