Internationalisation of curriculum at home: Imperatives, opportunities and challenges for allied health education

Srivalli Nagarajan, Lindy McAllister


Preparation of globally competent health graduates who have a good understanding of local and international healthcare is an important goal for allied health education. Internationalisation of curriculum and Internationalisation at home strategies are needed to prepare students to work in culturally diverse contexts. A critical review of issues, challenges and future needs in internationalisation of allied health curricula is the focus of this paper. Current approaches to internationalisation from a range of disciplines are considered and their applicability to allied health courses is discussed. Important challenges for progress on internationalisation goals and integration of internationalisation experiences into allied health curricula are identified. Suggestions for progressing internationalisation of allied health curricula through formal and informal curriculum are presented. Future research needs that are key to progressing internationalisation goals in allied health education are considered. Important questions that will prompt academic, clinical educators and students to consider how well internationalisation goals are being addressed in allied health education are also raised.


Allied Health;Health Graduates; Internationalisation of Curriculum; Internationalisation at Home; Internationalisation of Higher Education; Global Health; Cross-cultural Communication

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