How are CSU Advertising students being prepared to be industry-ready graduates?

Anne Llewellynn, Deborah Clarke


The need for University graduates to be industry-ready on completion of a tertiary degree is a topic which is being examined in increasing depth (Frawley & Litchfield, 2009). There is concern that Australia is facing a shortage of professional, qualified talent in the advertising industry (Ma, 2012). There is increasing demand for universities to produce industry-ready graduates who can fulfil advertising jobs and make a meaningful contribution to their employers immediately. In an effort to successfully prepare graduates to make a meaningful initial workplace contribution, Charles Sturt University (CSU) is adopting strategies that aim to close the gap between the lecture hall and the workplace. Advertising students at Charles Sturt University spend their final year in the on-campus student advertising agency, Kajulu Communications. To transition easily into full time employment, students must apply best industry practice and skills to a range of authentic situations to develop the skills employers require of them in order to enter the workforce industry-ready. Whilst much has been written about graduate employability and the skills and attributes students need (Andrews & Higson, 2010; Boden & Nedeva, 2010; Bridgstock, 2009; Lowden, Hall, Elliott & Lewin 2011; Mason, Williams & Cranmer, 2009), this paper examines the students’ perception of being industry-ready and identifies the key attributes which inform course design.


Industry-ready; advertising; authentic; key attributes; graduate employability

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