Implementing the Threshold Learning Outcomes for Agriculture at university

Tina Acuna, Jo-Anne Kelder, Glenn McDonald, Amanda Able


The national Learning and Teaching Academics Standards statement for agriculture (AgLTAS) defines the nature and extent of the discipline; and provides threshold learning outcomes (TLOs) that define what a graduate should know, understand and do at graduation. The AgLTAS standards are endorsed by the Australian Council of Deans of Agriculture and can be used to communicate to potential and current students the minimum standards of their degree, but can also be used to inform curriculum design. While the AgLTAS document provides explanatory notes to assist educators to further understand the intent of the TLOs there are no exemplars on how the AgLTAS standards can be implemented. This paper presents two case studies of how academics at the University of Tasmania and the University of Adelaide used the AgLTAS to map their respective agriculture curricula. Curriculum mapping was used to evaluate the links between the curriculum and the target learning outcomes, and to identify gaps and areas for improvement. Results include the curriculum maps but also a survey of academic staff and their reactions to the TLOs, plus a reflective commentary on what we believe are the next steps and implications of the AgLTAS for curriculum development, industry engagement and graduate employability in the agriculture discipline.


graduate employability, curriculum mapping, learning and teaching academic standards, AgLTAS

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